Imperial Benin Leopard Family Throw


Blanket in double-sided cashmere with “Benin leopard” print

100% Cashmere

Contrasting hand-stitched finishing

Made in Italy

Measures 57.1" x 78.7"


Imperial Ancestry

Focusing our lens on the African Image, the Benin leopard is a characteristic of one of the finest African artistic traditions: Yoruba Art — a true image of West African craftsmanship. The Benin leopard is the King of the Jungle and an emblem of power for the exclusive use of the Oba, representing triumph of people over the wild. It was a symbol of fear as well as a leader in the animal kingdom. Complimenting the Leopard, is House A. Sauvage’s ‘AS,’ an Adrinkra monogram inspired by the African Proverbs.

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