The Art of DE

‘London’s most stylish Man’

- Vogue

‘The best-kept secret among taste gods all over the world’

- GQ Magazine

‘Sauvage takes traditionally debonair trappings and injects them with a sense of ease, often with a nod to his Ghanaian-Nigerian roots’

- Robb Report

‘The LA-based menswear designer and photographer Adrien Sauvage is inspired by Roger Moore, the Mojave Desert and the louche look of a villain’

- Financial Times

‘His approach and the bespoke nature of his process sets him apart and imbues the wearer with an easy and effortless style’


‘Forget Vision, skill or a telepathic affinity for trends surely the only vital asset for any fashion designer is a fabulous name’

- The Times

‘Formal suits from an artist with no formal training’

- Dazed Magazine